Welcome to Texel

A design for the Ferry harbor ‘t Horntje on Texel

veerhaven texel 001.jpg

Composite picture of the new situation

At the end of 2013 the foundation Loodsen (Pilots), on behalf of the landscape and the TESO (Texel’s Own Steamboat Company), has asked three design offices to draw sketches for the re-lay-out of the ferry harbor ‘t Horntje on Texel. The design of Parklaan landscape architects has been chosen to be further elaborated and executed.

The plan consists of three major interventions:
- An arrival of the boat in the dunes
- A lay-out of the ferry harbor as an attraction
- A lucid traffic regulation


Composite picture of the new dunes

Before long you will experience the feeling that, by the arrival at Texel, you arrive in the middle of dunes.

Superfluous pavement and stiffly mowed grass will be turned into dune vegetations, and a temporary parking place for the high seasl will be fitted in with sea buck-thorn. The characteristics of the dune and coast go over into the ferry harbor.

Composite picture of the boardwalk

The arrival and departure of the boat are a lively sight. Furthermore, the unique location next to the natural scenery of the Mokbaai is an inviting surrounding to stay longer. In the future you can look at the arrival and departure of the boat from the boardwalk. The boardwalk is also the place where guests can be picked up. It is also a connection between the Mokbaai, the ferry harbor and ‘t Horntje. In short, the ferry harbor is next to the place where you arrive and depart, also a place to stay for a longer time.


An agreeable stay is also strongly dependent on the traffic regulations around the ferry boat. For these also improving proposals have been made. In this way the people of Texel can take their family and visitors to the ferry in an agreeable and safe way. There is enough room for taxies and the bus near to the boardwalk. In the design, improving issues of the architecture at the ferry square are included as well.