Vision plan for the Hollands Plassengebied near The Hague


The vision plan pilot project for the Hollands Plassengebied, a lake area near The Hague, was commissioned by the Province of Zuid-Holland’s Culture and Leisure department. The aim of the vision plan to be compiled was to inspire others and promote a development-oriented working approach.

Having first interviewed ten authorities on the area and compiled an inventory of its tangible and intangible culture, a survey was then drawn up. This survey served as the basis for the development of a storyline. The storyline in turn is the vehicle for the area’s identity. The intention is that all manner of developments be linked to this story. The storyline emanates from the area and is borne in its very capillaries as it were. This sleeping beauty is just lying in wait of that awakening kiss.

The vision plan has been elaborated into a series of images, whereby the current situation, the nightmare scenario and the vision plan are laid alongside one another each time.

hp-molen-idylle.jpg  hp-molen-schrikbeeld.jpg  hp-molen-ideaal.jpg

A recreational and navigable polder map was compiled to serve as an example. This chart explains how ‘the course of the water’ can be used for developments in the field of tourism. This enables one to lend the original navigable polders a new lease of life. A windmill visit pass was also compiled. This opens up the area, which boasts the highest density of windmills in Europe, to day-trippers and holidaymakers in a highly appealing manner.


The vision plan was drawn up in cooperation with BUITEN Consultancy Economy and Environment. The province’s Culture & Leisure department is to incorporate the vision plan in various current plans. The intention is to apply our approach and structure in order to develop further visions plans.