The battle at the Grebbe height

Along the Grebbeweg between Wageningen en Rhenen new bicycle roads are constructed by the province Utrecht. From recent archeological investigation into the remains from the second world war, it is found that the trail of munition and objects left behind are good indications of the course of the battle. In the landscape there is almost nothing left to remember the battle that took place here.

The battle at the Grebbe mountain

Shells and patterns
The bicycle road and a new walking path have been considered as a time line with a couple of important anchor points. They are the important points where the battle was vehement:

- the wire fence at the foot of the Grebbe height
- the Hornwork at the foot of Grebbe height
- the sluice with bridge over the river Greb
- the Lindelaan in the vicinity of the Cemetary of Honour
- the stopping-line as last defence on the Grebbe height

Stopping line

The anchor points are visualized with a concrete slab, with a pattern, indications of time and text. The texts come from eye-witness accounts of Dutch militaries. In the stopping-line for instance, the following text:  “I know to suppress the panic but not the fear”.
The stopping-line is visualized by objects on either side of the road. The object is a concrete inversion of a trench with in it prints of cartridges and shell-splinters. In the cycle road and walking path a concrete strip withe a pattern of barbed wire wil be placed.

the wire fence

At the wire fence lie prints of cables over the cycle road in the same manner. The battle at the Grebbe sluice is visualized by a concrete slab with a pattern of bullet-burns.

The new walking path connects the cemetary of honour with the stopping-line. In the path there lie concrete strips with texts. The texts come from a war-report from a battalion seated on that spot. During walking towards the stopping-line the actual battle is caught in words. In the other direction the emotional battle is caught in words.

new walking path

Together with the concrete objects an application for smartphones will be made, with the testimonies, the course of the battle and the found materials. The war and the battle that have found place there will become tangible and to be experienced by means of the stories, texts and objects.


This plan is designed together with Paul de Kort. Next to this, RAAP en Foundation de Greb have contributed.

path with concreet textslabs