St. Bernardus fortified park in Bredevoort

Park design to conjure up an impression the Bredevoort stronghold


The public interest association known as ‘Vereniging Bredevoorts Belang’ issued the commission to revamp St. Bernardus Park, while also creating an impression of the former Bredevoort stronghold within its grounds. Although the current park occupies the site of the demolished stronghold, there are no longer any visible signs of its existence.

The strata of various ages are visible in the original park. The best preserved of these dates from the period when it was occupied by an order of Franciscan nuns. Its characteristic features consist of an orchard, the lawns of former kitchen gardens and various follies, including a Lourdes grotto, a TB hospice and a tea pavilion.

vestingpark sint-bernardus-schetsontwerp

And a new stratum is to be added to the park; that in which it was a 17th century stronghold. A suspended stronghold path will trace the contours of the fortifications. Scattered along the pathway are several new follies which hark back to the period in question. Underplanting on the moat side has been removed in order to attract closer attention to the moat itself and the secure field. sint-bernardus-overzicht.jpg
The design of the follies was derived from a cross section of the historic fortifications. One of these follies offer all sorts of birds and small mammals a place to nest and hibernate. The other folly is an observation point, offering a view over the moat and the secure field. The third folly is playground element, featuring a swing, a climbing wall and a slide. The follies are seven metres high, which was the height of the historic ramparts.


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