Nature and recreation

We believe in the combined strength of people and nature! Nature conservation are, in our opinion, recreational areas, while the reverse is also true. When designing nature and recreational areas, we start with the frame, which is the basis determined by the human element. This frame is then gradually absorbed and formed by nature. Depending on the permitted ecological level, we assume responsibility for management.

How people appreciate their surroundings is a special point of attention in designing nature conservation and recreational areas. The ecological values,, the historic content, the character of an area and its sustainability are important ingredients of our plans. We make landscape and vision plans for large areas such as Het Haagse Bos, the foothills of the Utrechtse and Sallandse Heuvelrug en the Lakes area of South Holland. But also objects of cultural heritage such as the Roman Limes, the Hollandse Waterlinie (Dutch Water Defence Line) or the Cold War Defence Line IJssellinie fall under this category.