Parklaan Landschapsarchitecten has on the instructions of Civilsupport assisted Van Oord – GMB, a combination of contractors, in developing a tender for the Munnikenland project as part of the Room for the River Programme. Point of departure was the client's depolderisation plan. Operating within the framework of that plan, Parklaan made proposals aimed at intensifying and enriching the programme.

Proposals that we made included:

  • The realisation of the new dyke, the dyke embankment is designed in such a way that it can also be used as a recreational spot with a magnificent view of the river.
  • Parking at the National museum Castle Loevestein, by incorporating the parking facilities in a minipolder, the cars remain dry at high water while not disturbing the view from the castle.
  • Farmhouses intended for demolition, old structural remains of the convent from centuries ago stimulate the imagination. By saving the foundations of contemporary farmhouses, you effectively create a path towards the cultural history of the future.

 klimaatdijk.jpg  klimaatdijk-relict.jpg
 loevestein-parkeer.jpg  klimaatdijk-parkeren.jpg