Loevestein Fortress

War and Peace

In commission of the Foundation Museum Loevestein Fortress and the Government Buildings Agency, a target plan for Loevestein Fortress has been made. On the basis of a labour meeting with various involved parties, a structural design has been made. This design is a guide-line for the developments in and around Loevestein Fortress.


Fortresses have a different character in wartime than in times of peace. In the future Loevestein Fortress will show both views. The war time fortress stands self-assuredly and massively by the river. The Fortress does not have trees in times of war. From the building one can see, over the rivers the Waal and Afgedamde Maas, cities like Woudrichem and Gorinchem and fortress Vuren again. Walls, hawthorn bushes and sharp wooden stakes keep ‘the enemy’ at a distance.

However, at the same time, Loevestein Fortress is considered to be a green oasis in the new natural development area Munnikenland. During periods of peace the fortress was a green oasis with a lot of big trees. This character is seen on the south side of the fortress.


Loevestein Fortress is known for its long history. Of course every Dutch boy knows the story about the escape of Hugo de Groot in a bookcase. But history starts earlier already. About 1350 the first knight’s tower with front stronghold and moat was built. Later it became a border castle with an earthen rampart and moat around it. As late as the 15th century, the period of Hugo de Groot, the fortress got a rampart with bastions. Subsequently, it became part of the Old and New Dutch inundation line.

Within the rampart, several important building phases are visualized in a delicate way. The front stronghold becomes visible in the form of a central square surrounded by walls and a hedge. The spots in which characteristic buildings have stood, become platform and terrace. Besides, at over corners and at the restaurant and the officer’s residence vegetable gardens and fruit trees are added. Trees (fire-wood), vegetable gardens and clean drinking-water are of vital interest in times of war.

If you wish to know more about the plan we constructed for Loevestein Fortress, you can always call or mail us.