Kompass Kampen

The Municipality of Kampen commissioned us in collaboration with Paul de Kort to develop a vision of the new access route at the southern end of the city of Kampen. The entrance is situated at the intersection of the Hanze Line and the A50 motorway. This area will eventually also accommodate both the Reevediep and the Reeve housing estate. The Reevediep is a new overflow area which is to connect the River IJssel and Dronter Lake as part of the 'Room for the River' project.

The current access route to Kampen lacks any presence whatsoever, and is a prime example of a place left over after planning. While the superregional infrastructure has been attractively laid, the intervening voids created have yet to be developed. They are currently empty, insignificant spaces devoid of spatial quality. The risk of them going to rack and ruin is therefore all too apparent.

The plan we have dubbed ‘KOMPASS’ (Dutch for Compass) is designed to create an appealing and highly representative access route to Kampen in one fell swoop. In addition to its historic waterfront on the River IJssel, Kampen will therefore gain a new contemporary waterfront along the Reevediep. The patchwork of infrastructure lines in placed would appear to have been draped over a single body of water.
een nieuwe waterrijke entree voor Kampen
The Hanseatic League played a highly significant role in the history of Kampen. A Hanseatic City, Kampen lies at the mouth of the River IJssel, thus creating shipping links to both the North Sea and the Baltic. The seafarers in those days navigated the world’s oceans using ingenious marine charts bearing compass roses and orientation lines

These days, the southern access route to Kampen provides a new connection to the world beyond, albeit by rail, motorway and cycling & rambling tracks. These three modes of transport are represented in the form of new compass roses and rows of vegetation embedded in the newly created water features. Each of these compass roses has its own particular shape and characteristic rows of vegetation.

Compass rose for day-trippers and holidaymakers,
in the shape of a floating platform in a lily pond

kampen-kompass-afrit.jpg Compass rose for motorists,
in the form of a concrete water collector planted with rows of yellow irises