Dome X forms the new head-quarters of Hendriks construction and development. It is an innovative assembly building with provisions for collaboration and value creation in the construction. For the entire project a BREEAM sustainability certificate has been asked for. BREEAM passes down the measurement of sustainability by a very well verifyable system of points.


The outer space consists of various parts. The entrance is representative and consists of a fixed botanical garden which is structured by hedgerows. This representative space connects with the large entrance hall and the restaurant, and follows the backside of the building up to the harbor canal. Employees are able to lunch at the backside of the building, with a view on the harbor. A large parking place connects the old building with the new one. Hedges and trees provide for a green character. Parts of the roads consist of grassgravel bricks through which lawns go where there is less traffic, for security reasons a road was necessary.



Dome X is an example of a sustainable design. During the entire designing process, with the assistance of BREEAM NL, weights were systematically made with regard to the sustainable measures to be taken concerning use of land and ecology, materials, water, energy, health, transport and management.

Tangible examples are the reusing of materials like the stelcon plates, concrete tiles and fences. By the combination of old and new materials a characteristic and representative character is created. Besides, by means of a robust design the frequency of change of materials will be minimalized.

dome-x- 60 vogelhuisjes

Together with Tauw
a consulting and engineering company, we looked at the provisions concerning ecology. Provisions are made and fitted for bats, sparrows and martlets.

The sustainability of the building we wanted to express by means of a special design.
The orange seperating wall with 60 blue ceramic nesting boxes forms an eyecatcher at a place which no one will expect. The bats’ boxes are fitted as logo of sustainability on the building.

The execution has been rounded off in 2013 by the fitting of the bats’ and birds’ boxes.