Amsterdam Rhine Canal

The longest park of the Netherlands


In commission of the Regional Deliberation Utrecht BUITEN (Outside), office for economy and environment, together with Parklaan, has made a recreational and landscape vision for the Amsterdam Rhine Canal.

The Amsterdam Rhine Canal has qualities which are seen by just a few people at this moment. It is striking that the bicycle junctions avoid big parts of the canal. Besides this, the canal is at many points a back part of town. Walking- and bicycle-routes alongside the canal are being cut across by business terrains.


The Amsterdam Rhine Canal has an enormous potency. It is a blue-green vein right through the city and the rural area. Green areas which lie around can be joined together by the canal. From the city it forms a fast sortie route to the outside area and it forms a connection between town districts and other parts of the town.


The rural quality of the Amsterdam Rhine Canal will become enormous when it is developed as the longest park of the Netherlands. The infinite space of the water, the accompanying rows of trees. Cycle paths, district parks and green areas around the town will be connected to each other. When the canal will be included in the recreational route structures, a structure develops which is larger than the traditional green areas.

Alongside the canal spots with meaning are developed. They connect town and country to the canal. They are resting-points in recreational routes, where there is something to be experienced as well. The utilitarian navigation character will be stressed with it. 

As an example, a system of information boards has been developed which is inspired on the navigation boards. For special areas examplary working-outs have been made.