Parklaan landscape architects

Parklaan Landschapsarchitecten
is a firm dedicated to designing the space around us.

Working on the history of tomorrow
Parklaan is a specialist in depicting and encapsulating history in a contemporary landscape. We work on a layered identity in which our heritage receives pride of place in a contemporary landscape. We work at structure and object level on a green heritage such as listed buildings and archaeological monuments.

Working on sustainability 2.0
Parklaan is constantly evolving together with our landscape and seek inspiration from tackling new challenges. Parklaan embraces recycling both at area level and in terms of material use. Climate awareness and the Cradle to Cradle principle form an integral part of our plans.

In a multilayered approach, we allow ourselves to be guided by bio-based landscapes and the C2C certification system

Combining innovation and economic visibility
What Parklaan plans is not only innovative, but also affordable in terms of realisation and management. We combine your wishes with unexpected spatial quality. We make plans with and for citizens, businesses and authorities.

Working in a network of forerunners
Marcel Eekhout and Aleks Droog have been the driving force behind the agency for over 15 years now. Parklaan works together with other forerunners. Depending on the task at hand, we form a design team consisting of enthusiastic and professional experts from our highly advanced network. This ensures access to a broad base of knowledge and experience. We make plans for the urban and rural areas, both at implementation and policies level.

A plan of Parklaan is functional, sustainable and forms a bridge between the past and future